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What Did You Say?

The Secrets of Consulting

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Becoming a Technical Leader

Are Your Lights On?

Exploring Requirements

Amplifying Your Effectiveness


Problem Solving Leadership

with Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman

AYE Conference (Amplifying Your Effectiveness)

• I offer a few private workshops, such as

        • Workshop in designing experiential training

        • Consulting Clinics

         These private workshops are open only to people I know through previous workshops or the AYE Conference or the SHAPE Forum. (To indicate your interest, or for information, contact Esther Derby.)

     Articles About Communication

Getting Some Good Out Of Bad Interviewing

    Every interview has useful information.

The Liar’s Contest

    Learn the dynamics of intimidation.

Lullaby Language

    Don't let others put your mind to sleep.


    Learn to be skeptical about predictions.


    How to hand millions of excuses.

Seeing the Other Person’s Big Picture

    Establish the other's context before you start.

Seeing Your Own Big Picture

    Establish your own context before you start.

Staying Sharp

    Keep your brain in shape.

Treaties to Deal with Communication and Conflict

    Manage interfaces.

Yielding to Pressure

    Improve your negotiating.


        (with comments about communication)

Here are some recent interviews with Jerry, in a variety of formats:

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An interview about Jerry's first novel, on a website about first novels

Interview about the Silver Anniversary Edition of The Psychology of Computer Programming

Personal Chemistry and the Healthy Body

(based on an interview for software people I gave decades ago, which still seems relevant today)

On change, as part of an article by John Manuel K.

A really fun, wide-ranging interview conducted by Clay Shannon

Radio interview on secrets of consulting, on "Let's Talk Computers"

Kindle Author Interview


Debunking the Myth of Writers Block

Writing for Markets

The Writer's Life

PSL Video  (made by students as a class exercise)

Aremac Project blurb video