(formerly On the Design of Stable Systems)

(with Daniela Weinberg)

* ISBN: 0-932633-07-2 376 pages softcover

Dorset House Publishing

(translated into Japanese, Chinese)

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This unique, highly readable volume presents a fresh way of thinking about and dealing with all kinds of systems-technological, social, and biological, among others. The authors draw on their backgrounds in technology and social science to present a truly interdisciplinary approach. A companion volume to Weinberg’s An Introduction to General Systems Thinking, this volume also stands alone.

“the book is good at … the explanation of imaginative approach to the organization of systems (of humans or of machines).” – Datamation

One of the most influential books I have ever read

Reviewer: Matt Dawson from Columbus, OH (Source: Amazon.com)

An outstanding follow up to the first book Weinberg wrote (An Introduction to General Systems Thinking). Anyone who considers themselves a systems thinker must read this book!

Whereas the first book attempts to answer the first question in the systems triumvirate, “Why do we see what we see?”, this books tackles the next question, namely “Why do things stay the same?” As a marriage and family therapist, understanding systems is crucial to my work. This book is clearly written, and provides real world examples of sometimes difficult topics.

I have read this book cover to cover 3 times in the last 2 years, and continue to get something new from it every time. One of the best books around to think about the organization of systems, regardless of the context.