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      Books on Leadership

Becoming a Technical Leader

The Secrets of Consulting

More Secrets of Consulting

Quality Software Management Series

    Vol.1. Systems Thinking

    Vol.2. First-Order Measurement

    Vol.3. Congruent Action

    Vol.4. Anticipating Change

Roundtable on Technical Leadership

Roundtable on Project Management


Problem Solving Leadership (PSL)

with Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman

Michael Hunter writes of his experience in the PSL workshop.

AYE Conference (Amplifying Your Effectiveness)

• I offer a few private workshops, such as

        • Workshop in designing experiential training

        • Consulting Clinics

         These private workshops are open only to people I know through previous workshops or the AYE Conference or the SHAPE Forum. (To indicate your interest, or for information, contact Esther Derby.)

            Articles About Leadership

Secrets of Consulting (blog)

Consulting Contracts and Money

   Do you want to be paid what you deserve?

Beyond Blaming

    Make your organization blame-free and productive

Beware of the Quick Fix

   A moment's thought may keep you out of big trouble.

Always Be Second

    Ask yourself if you really want or need to be first.

The Dismal Theorems of Contract Negotiation

    Learn what's happening to you when you contract.

Creativity in Accounts Receivable

    Do you want to be paid for what you do?

The Exception is the Rule

    Exceptions are here to stay. Deal with them.

Getting Some Good Out Of Bad Interviewing

    Every interview has useful information.

The Liar’s Contest

    Learn the dynamics of intimidation.

Planning for Delays

    Delays are here to stay. Learn to handle them.


    Learn to be skeptical about predictions.


    How to hand millions of excuses.

Advice for Software Development Managers

    Here are some different ways to see your job.

Seeing the Other Person’s Big Picture

    Establish the other's context before you start.

Seeing Your Own Big Picture

    Establish your own context before you start.

Staying Sharp

    Keep your brain in shape.

Treaties to Deal with Communication and Conflict

    Manage interfaces.

Four Different Ways of Participating

    Be a better leader and/or follower.

Yielding to Pressure

    Improve your negotiating.


        (with comments about leadership)

CIO Magazine: The Unfulfilled Project

StickyMinds:Beth Layman interviews Jerry about the state of the practice, becoming a technical leader, and the future of software engineering

PM Boulevard website: Five questions on Agile methods.

Dr. Dobbs interview on computing's past and future

An open-ended interview with TechRepublic:

"the discussion ranges from the programmer/manager relationship

 to the impact of foreign programmers on the profession in the United States."

Software Development Interview: Advice for Software Development Managers

Consulting Tips: Management Consulting News

A really fun, wide-ranging interview conducted by Clay Shannon

(AUDIO) Radio interview on secrets of consulting, on "Let's Talk Computers"