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In addition to being an engaging, exciting story, each novel carries one or more science/technology themes: my attempt to put the science back in science fiction and the tech back in techno-thrillers.

So, if you’re one of those special smart people I’m trying to reach, I invite you to try one of my novels.

– Jerry




Book Descriptions

Where There’s a Will There’s a Murder

What looks like an accident, sounds like an accident, and moves like an accident—is probably a murder. With a $-billion inheritance at stake, it's probably lots more than one. Enter the Residue Class, that diverse team of amateur outcast sleuths—an international team...

Mistress of Molecules

Libra has a hidden fully-equipped chemical lab, built by her father before he was taken away and killed by the Church for the crime of possessing forbidden chemicals. Now she continues her father’s work as she fights for liberty using her extraordinary powers to...

Second Stringers

"To be blind is bad, but worse is to have eyes and not see." - Helen Keller (1880 - 1968) What happens if the physicists' String Theory is correct, and the "real" universe is nothing more than a human mental construct? And what happens to the half-dozen young adults...

MISTRESS OF MOLECULES: sample chapters

Chapter 1. Libra Before the instant I launched my crocus-laden balloon plane, I had never doubted that I was my father's daughter. Now, parked in Clifton Plaza waiting for its return, my body, and my confidence, shook with fear. Nicolas Valois never feared anything....

The Hands of God

How would you live if you lost your hands? Could you feed yourself? Clean yourself? What about opening a door? How would you dress yourself, or tie your shoes? Would everyone you ever loved consider you a freak? A monster? Pamela Ruka knows the answers to these...

Freshman Murders

Freshman Murders is a "Nerder Mystery," which means that the detectives who solve these crimes are nerds-brilliant individuals whose social skills may not equal their skills in mathematics. Josh Rosemont, finds a young woman’s body in the woods. He is paralyzed by her...

First Stringers

What happens if the physicists' String Theory is correct, and the "real" universe is nothing more than a human mental construct? And what happens to the half-dozen young adults who, through an accident on their common day of conception, can mentally pull the strings of the universe? And how is eadh affected by his/her "handicap": blind, deaf, crippled, Down's Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, paraplegia, ...


I'm making some of my novels available for purchase as eBooks, in pdf format that should be readable on your computer, on most hand-held devices, or on printouts. The novels are designed to provide a kind of experiential learning while reading an engaging and...

Earth’s Endless Effort

LAFE doesn't live in the forest. LAFE is the forest. LAFE's size and thousands of years of experience provide the wisdom to survive. When a pipeline project threatens to slice LAFE's brain, LAFE seeks the aid of Daphne DeFreest. But first they must heal her broken...

Why Nerd Novels?

As you may know, I have had a long and successful career as a writer of non-fiction books. (You may check these out here.) I write for an audience other people call “nerds,” often in a pejorative sense. To me, there’s nothing pejorative about my nerd friends and colleagues, but they are misunderstood by most “ordinary” people. By making all my principal characters nerds of all sorts, I hope to satisfy one of my goals: helping others understand us better.

But my major goal is to help my major audience, us nerds, understand ourselves better, thus continuing my life’s work previously carried out in such non-fiction works as The Psychology of Computer Programming, Understanding The Professional Programmer, and Quality Software Management. Fiction provides yet another route to this goal, a route that many may discover is fun as well as educational.

Why eBooks?

The short answer is “economy and convenience.” Using the methods in place for selling hard copies of books, there are many steps, each one of which creates another set of hands in the money pot. Under the best of circumstances, if you pay, say $20 for a book, the author will be lucky to get $2 of that amount.

It’s not that the other hands don’t earn their shares, but most of those shares are simply unnecessary with modern (eBook) sale and distribution. If I, the author, do my job, you get a reasonable clean manuscript (edited by me and a number of my professional readers) for a fraction of the price. I still have to divide your payment among several hands (such as, PayPal, my internet service provider, and my web builders), but I do receive what I consider a fair payment for the many hours I take to create the books.

Why These eBooks?

I’ve earned a fine living writing non-fiction, but I’ve always wanted to write fiction, too. For a variety of reasons, I put off my fiction career until rather late in life. As a result, I don’t have a lot of time to ease into that career, and I’m simply too impatient to wade through the years that it takes to produce a bound book.

Why is time important? I’m in a learning phase (I’m always in a learning phase about something) about fiction writing, and learning requires feedback. The quicker the feedback, the more effective it is for learning. By making some of my novels available as eBooks, I hasten the feedback process by which readers give me the kind of information I need to improve my skills at my new trade.

So, why these books? I will probably still pursue paper publication for some of my novels (like The Aremac Project), but I’m putting here a selection of novels whose feedback I think will help me most. In particular, I intend to put series novels here, because the turnaround of paper publishing is particularly hard on series books, whose volumes may take years and years to appear.

May I copy this book for my friends?

The eBooks available here are downloaded in pdf format, which is easy to copy and move from one platform to another. Please do not copy these books except for your own use—such as, making a copy for your electronic reader or a printing a copy if you like reading from paper.

Copying for sale, of course, is illegal, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy the books and want your friends to read them. I would like that, very much, so please encourage your friends to obtain their own copy. If they cannot afford the small price, tell them to write to me, and I will email them a free copy. That will help me keep track of how many readers I have.

The earnings from the sale of these books will go to two of my favorite charities: Morris Animal Foundation (for research to improve the lives of animals) and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (for research to improve the lives of humans).