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Everyone has a role to play in software testing — even people outside a project team. Testers, developers, managers, customers, and users shape the process and results of testing, often unwittingly. Rather than continue to generate stacks of documents and fuel animosity, testers can cultivate rich opportunities and relationships by integrating an effective testing mentality into any process.

Perfect Software sets out to disprove destructive notions about testing and testers. With a blend of wit, storytelling, and jaw-dropping insight that has won him fans around the world, Weinberg deftly separates what is expected, significant, and possible in software testing. He destroys fallacies and steers readers clear of common mistakes.

We test because people are not perfect, and simply testing “more” does not guarantee better quality. This book guides test strategy development that’s scalable for any project.

Topics include:

* Why Not Just Test Everything?

* Information Immunity

* What Makes a Test “Good”?

* Major Fallacies About Testing

* Determining Significance

* Testing Without Machinery

* and much more


“Finally! A book about software testing written by someone who actually understands software testing. I consider Jerry to be the greatest living tester. Jerry tests everything. Jerry tests me. . . . It’s been forty-seven years since Weinberg first wrote on software testing, and his ideas today are still ahead of their time. Read this and get your head straight about testing.”

—James Bach, consulting software tester, author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing

“This concise and cogent book—a gift to testers—explodes myths about what testing can and can’t do. We’ll each want at least two copies—one for our own bookshelves, and another to hand to our clients so that they can better understand precisely how we can help them.”

—Michael Bolton, tester, trainer, and consultant, DevelopSense

“If the wiring in your brain needs a better programming and testing, read this.”

—Pradeep Soundararajan, consulting tester, author of Tester Tested! blog

“Perfect Software will be a tremendous asset to anyone who tests software and keeps having to explain what testing can and cannot do. Engagingly as always, Jerry Weinberg explains the essence of testing for anyone to understand. He makes a compelling case for doing enough testing—but not too much. I can’t wait to give Perfect Software to all my clients!

—Fiona Charles, test consultant and columnist