* ISBN: 0-932633-08-0 208 pages softcover

Dorset House Publishing Company

(translated into Japanese, Portuguese)

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This book tackles aspects of systems analysis and design which conventional texts gloss over or avoid. Each short, highly readable essay explores an important problem in the field and is followed by an amusing and illustrative fable. Taking a general systems approach throughout, the author has made this volume attractive to readers involved in all applications of computers. The text also contains a useful annotated bibliography.

“good reading not only for designers but for anyone wanting to understand design, particularly the users and managers of information systems.” – International Journal of General Systems

Timeless thoughts on profession of systems analyst

Reviewer: Elmira Cancelada from Hampton, NH United States (Source: Amazon.com)

Mr. Weinberg’s style, wit and intellectual breadth is a rare treat in the technology world, dominated by undertrained and narrow-minded professionals. It is a pleasure to read any of his writings and this book is no exception.

Rethinking Analysis has two major themes :

1) Systems analyst must be well informed in the fields other then software and hardware.

2) The most of technology problems in organizations are really ‘people problems’. Their solutions require a multi-disciplinary approach.

If you are a rookie, the book will help you to establish your professional benchmarks and choose your mentors wisely. If you are an experienced professional, it will make you realize how much you REALLY do not know.