Like PSL, the most common Change Shop feedback is:

The best part for me was the other people.

Managers and Technical Leaders come to deepen their skills at negotiating, handling conflict, planning with realism and flexibility, increasing productivity by designing organizations that empower, and eliminating “resistance” by building safety and trust.

Human Resource Professionals come to become more effective at handling employees with difficult personal problems, untangling puzzling interactions, and designing programs that truly motivate.

Internal and External Consultants come to learn to recognize and diagnose systems problems, build rapport, lead more proficient problem solving, and enhance collaboration for increased team effectiveness.


Organizations will benefit because the Change Shop is designed for maximum take-home application.

Participants often use the Change Shop to create specific plans for organizational implementation.

In order to realize maximum benefit from the Change Shop, organizations should consider sending at least 2 participants who, upon their return, will support each other as an effective force for change.

An organization may not send more than 4 participants to a single session without special arrangements.

Unlike PSL, however, a work team may attend Change Shop as a team, to work on back-home change situations.


Jean McLendon

Dani Weinberg

Jerry Weinberg