For me, the power of the PSL Workshop is its experiential emphasis that led me to feel and realize deep within many “concepts” that I had experienced before through my intellect – but not in my heart.

It took me several days to peel away aspects of my ego and to get in closer touch with myself. I now see other people with new eyes.

– Mark Kasunic, Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

They learned and practiced a leader’s most valuable asset: The ability to think clearly and act creatively

PSL accelerated my learning about how people react in many difficult management situations.

Because of the understanding I gained, I can better understand what drives people and how best to work in these situations.

PSL has empowered me to be more effective and sensitive.

– Maureen O’Hara, Microsoft Corporation

They learned to lead by creating an environment that enables everyone to contribute productively

PSL has helped me understand that the key to both problems and their solutions is people.

Leadership occurs when this relationship is understood;PSL provides the environment in which this can happen.

For growth, learning, and fun, PSL has no equal!

– Ken Cowles, Allen-Bradley/Rockwell

Each developed a unique and personal problem solving style

PSL provided me with very useful insights into numerous, knotty problems in a fun and creative learning environment.

The learnings from PSL are elegantly simple.

Like a touchstone, they can be used over and over to test the mettle of our ideas and solutions.

– Pat Wirth, AT&T

They worked on issues of most interest to them… and to their organizations

The brilliantly designed learning environment helped me understand our team’s most complex problems.

I learned many tools and techniques that I applied right away.

PSL has proven to be the catalyst of major improvements in my team.

It is the best investment I have made for my organization to continue to succeed.

– Jean Dagenais, Tandem Computers

They took home their learnings

I learned to lead while being a member of my team.

I can now focus my thinking while surrounded by chaos.

I know know how to make change a productive, creative event.

Since PSL, I have built three truly effective teams.

For the first time, people really want to work on projects I design and plan.

I can observe exactly what is happening, rather than some fantasy of mine.

I have – I use – tools that allow me to understand, and be understood.

Conflict in problem solving groups no longer bothers me.

And kept on learning

In the months following the workshop, subtle messages and influences from PSL seeped into my thoughts and actions in an insidiously beneficial way.

An example is my habit of thinking about a clever solution or answer while someone is describing a problem.

I now have a little voice that gently reminds me to

– Mark Manduke, Process Enhancement Partners, Inc.

They learned with and from other leaders from all over

The most common PSL feedback is:

The best part of PSL for me was the other people.

They learned with and from the PSL Faculty

You guys are a great team.

I really appreciated having each of your perspectives.

I credit my very positive experience to the guidance that you provided during the workshop.

You created a very safe environment where I think virtually everyone felt that they could open up and learn from each other.

– Mark Kasunic, Software Engineering Institute (SEI)