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The people involved are people just like you. The focus of their career training has shifted to self-learning and growth. Their only apparent common experience is attendance at PSL and Change Shop. However, there is a common motivation: to expand beyond their current limitations. This is the secret of their “incentives” – they come from within.

-Ken Cowles

Each member of the group is a leader of software engineering (line or staff, by whatever title) or in some closely related position.

Participants share the desire to develop into the leaders of the growing and changing profession of software engineering.


Organizations will benefit because the SEM group is designed for maximum take-home application.

Participants often use the SEM group to create a support group for organizational changes they are undertaking.

Organizations represented in SEM 94 through SEM 97 include:


American Express Financial


L.L. Bean

Cincinnati Bell Information Services

Draper Labs

Elite Systems

First Data Resources


Integrity Arts


Knowles Schmitz Consulting

Los Alamos National Laboratories

Lucent Bell Laboratories

The MathWorks


Norwest Technical Services

Pacific Bell Information Services

Petersen Plumbing


Rockwell Software


Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

The Strategic Advantage

Sun Microsystems

Tandem Computers


Touch Technology

Universal Underwriters Insurance



Jerry Weinberg is the principal faculty member.

For each group, one or more members of prior groups is invited to join Jerry as an assistant.

Also, from time to time, Jerry invites guest faculty members, according to the needs of the group.