LAFE doesn’t live in the forest. LAFE is the forest. LAFE’s size and thousands of years of experience provide the wisdom to survive. When a pipeline project threatens to slice LAFE’s brain, LAFE seeks the aid of Daphne DeFreest. But first they must heal her broken body and find a way to communicate. Then Daphne must find the love of her life, and they all must cope with their common enemies..

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Review by: Jon Jagger :

It was no effort at all to read this book 😉 Its attention-grabbing, page-turning style and short-chapter format that quickly grabbed me and in no time at all I found I’d finished it and wanted more.

Like Jerry’s other books, such as First Stringers and The Aremac Project, it is full of entertaining and unexpected plot twists. Sometimes it really makes you stop and think – for example about cybernetics and emergent intelligence in a sufficiently large complex entity (such as a forest). I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Review by: Pat Medvick

I highly recommend this plot-twisting, fast-reading book. It presents current social views in the context of an extension to reality (it is science fiction) that provokes consideration of unknown potential within the natural environment. It takes tree-hugging/(hugging by trees?) to new heights while exploring possibilities in our society and associations with other life. Weinberg expertly twines science and society, illuminating both, and creates reading that educates while entertaining.

(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Carsten Feilberg

Just finished it. This is the kind of book that is so fascinating that you just have to keep reading, because you never know what will happen. The idea is original, and it develops throughout the story and is told with much insight and at a pace that occassionally almost reminds me of the Die Hard-movies. One thing for sure – I’ll never be able to look at a forest as just a bunch of trees anymore.

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