(co-editors: Marie Benesh and James Bullock)

ISBN: 0-932633-48-X 200 pages softcover

Dorset House Publishing

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“. . . software professionals will quickly benefit from the contributor’s many years of combined experience. The discussion on sizing projects is particularly provocative . . .” – James A. Ward, James A. Ward & Associates, Inc.

“. . . the most interesting topics were those that related to dealing with others and self development. . . . [Anyone] will find this discussion informative and thought provoking. . . .

“The best books provide the reader with food for thought and encouragement to improve and this book does that. There is something for everyone in this book since each of us has encountered similar issues at some time in our career

. . . . an interesting and informative read for programmers, analysts and managers and provides valuable insights for all.” – Diane Brockman, Brockman Moreau Consulting Inc.

“If you . . . work in high tech, and if you’ve ever struggled with coordination of complex projects, you’ll love this book. It’s the compiled wisdom of one of the Web’s more lively and intelligent forums, organized into highly readable and practical sections such as ‘Planning for Success’ and ‘Dealing with Impending Disaster.'” – Molly Gordon, New Leaf,


“Presented in dialogue form, this discussion among consultants, IT managers, software developers, systems architects, analysts, designers, engineers, and others in the field focuses on the means by which leadership is developed. Topics include programming, design, documentation, teaching, learning, educating management, and being yourself. The roles of experts, as leaders, teachers, and learners, are explicated, and advice is offered on avoiding ‘stupid tricks.'” – Book News, Inc.

“Who is this book for? Well, everybody benefits. If you have just moved into a management role, you will gain immensely. If you are a veteran, you will find the different viewpoints refreshing. Any time you get stuck, reach for this and you will be pleasantly surprised to find a similar situation about which the wayfarers have shared their wisdom. It makes the list of ‘must-haves’ on your shelf.” – Jitendra Mudhol, IEEE Software

“. . . chock full of practical advice on project management.” – S. C. Biemesderfer. Contract Professional

“I found this book fascinating. The concept of ‘listening’ to conversations between some highly respected individuals in the IT and Software QA fields was appealing. . . .

“I especially appreciated the people-focused angle of the discussions. This group is aware that people are much more than just another resource.” – Beth Anderson. stickyminds.com

“. . . a well-organized, deftly edited, fast-paced discussion that brings new perspectives to a well-worn topic.

“Overall, the style of the discussion is Socratic: questions outnumber answers, and no one appears to believe there is a one-size-fits-all truth to be illuminated. The delight of this book is the variety of viewpoints it expresses. No single expert’s point of view dominates; thus, any reader is likely to find what he or she needs. I saw myself—and my colleagues—in many of the examples cited by the contributors, and I saw us from angles I’d never imagined before. . . .

“Whatever shape your projects are in, you will find voices in it that resonate. I hope the book’s engaging, innovative style will inspire similar books. . . .” – Mark Sheehan

EDUCAUSE Quarterly

“The editors have distilled from the original threads the outline of a treatise on project management. The insights of 40 experts take you quickly through the entire process—from getting started properly to drawing project and personal lessons when the project is complete.

“The conversation moves briskly, and the insights are marvelous. I’m sure that experienced project managers will find much to like in this book. People who participated in the original threads will surely welcome the summary.” – Richard Mateosian

IEEE Micro

“You can’t read this book straight through because there is just too much insight to be absorbed at one sitting.

“James Bullock’s editing and contribution are central to the value of the book. . . his statements are often Zen-like.

“I am honored to have been labeled a ‘contributor’ to this book. I will treasure that fact, but not nearly as much as I will treasure the insights offered by the other contributors.

“This is a masterful book. Kudos to all the editors.” – Brian Crook (Contributor), Information Technology Freelancer