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The Virtual Cyber Cudgel

by Gerald M. Weinberg In 1977, Tom Gilb and I published a book called Humanized Input: Techniques for Reliable Keyed Input. We hoped to improve the pitiful state of input design for computer systems, and ten years later, we imagined we were beginning to see some...

Test Trimming: A Fable about Testing

Throughout my career, I’ve watched in dismay as one software manager after another falls into the trap of achieving delivery schedules by trimming tests. Some managers shortcut test work by skipping reviewing and unit testing in the middle of their project. Others...
The Aremac Project

The Aremac Project

Young genius Roger Fixman is unprepared for what happens after inventing Aremac, a machine that extracts pictures from people’s minds. The legal system is thrown into chaos. Corporations play dirty tricks on Fixman to steal the patent and grab the profits....